In The Life You Save May Be Your Own, A Literary Analysis

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Everyone has this feeling of loneliness at least once in their lifetime. Ms.Lucynell and Emily Grierson are both lonely. The old lady only has her daughter, and Emily Grierson has no one after her father's death, and her lover leaves her. Both stories explain what happens because these two ladies are living lonely lives. “In The Life You Save May Be Your Own” Flannery O'Connor and “A Rose For Emily” William Faulkner the authors uses The old lady and Emily Grierson to show when people are lonely they do unusual things for companionship. The old lady is lonely ,and does not have anyone only daughter. She takes care of her daughter by herself, and when a strange man shows up at the old lady’s house everything changes. Before the man named Mr.Shiftlet came she “lived in this desolate…show more content…
After Emily’s dad died everyone in town “rarely seen her come out of the house” (Faulkner 1). So one day after her funeral her two cousins visits her house ,and while they was there “they noticed that next to the dead man the second pillow was the indentation of a head”(Faulkner 5). After Emily’s lover left her she started to fade away from everyone, but after her dad died she disappeared from everyone. Every blue moon she would come out ,and when she did all of the women in town felt bad for her because she had no one. The minister's wife wrote Emily’s relatives in Alabama since she had no one ,but they never came until after she died. After Emily’s funeral her two cousins visits her house ,and they went to a room in her house. When they opened the door they noticed remaining's of a dead man lying in the bed ,and they also noticed the pillow next to him had an indention of head. When they looked closer they found a long strand of iron gray hair which was Emily’s hair. She was so lonely she killed a man ,and was sleeping with him at night. That was the only companionship she got from

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