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Fender Inc.: Past to Present Fender hasn’t always been the big musical corporation seen today. It all started when a child was born on August 10th, 1909. This boy’s name was Leo Fender and he would serve to be one of the most important people to revolutionize the industry of music. Fender gave birth to some of the first widely accepted electronic instruments in the music. His business is one of the most successful music companies up to this day. Many famous musicians have used a Fender guitar sometime along their career to make music. From the past to the present day, Fender has given money to charities and has created instruments to give musicians the opportunity to make music to stimulate culture. Leo Fender’s early life was filled with…show more content…
Leo Fender was not the first one to make an electric guitar but was the first one to make one that was a commercial success. Electric guitars were created in the 1930’s but were hollow and crude and typically had to be played on the lap. Musicians were thinking, “Is it possible to have a solid body guitar rather that a hollowed body?” This would get rid of irritating feedback and would allow for louder playing at a cheaper price of production. Leo made this possible by introducing the Fender Esquire which he renamed to the Broadcaster and later to the telecaster. It was not popular at first. People jeered at people and called the guitars “canoe paddles.” As time passed sales did increase though. The following year in 1951, Fender introduced another revolutionary instrument known as the Precision Bass. This new product attracted guitar players to try a new skill and allowed current bass players more portability. The body of the bass had a double cutaway to keep it more balanced. The Stratocaster took a similar design. The Stratocaster was produced in 1954. It included a vibrato piece which allowed players to bend the pitch of a note. The Stratocaster provide better chordial effects and with better balance due to the double cutaway. Many say it is the most popular guitar of all…show more content…
It is a music charity that gives underprivileged people the opportunity to play and experience music. Their mission statement states, “The Fender Music Foundation supports music education programs nationally by providing those in need with instruments and by advocating the benefits of music education.” Their vision says that they “understand the impact music has on the lives of people of all ages,” and how they “understand the power of music of on the soul and the vehicle it provides for our sanity, health, and creativity.” They also believe that, “age is not a factor in the enjoyment or ability to learn to play music.” FMF was created in 2005 and since then, they have reached more than 187,000 people in the United States. FMF makes sure that every dollar donated goes to music education programs across the country. Since Fender is a guitar based company, most of the instruments donated from FMF are guitars and basses. Sometimes other instruments such as woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments are donated from FMF if they are in stock. FMF partnered with other music charities such as: The Blues Kids Foundation, Little Kids Rock, and Blues in Schools to promote music in the youth of America. FMF can also consider donating to an organization of someone’s choice. The only thing someone needs to do is go onto the FMF

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