Poem Analysis: A Black American By Smokey Robinson

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After watching “A Black American,” written and delivered by Smokey Robinson, I've concluded that the results of publishing Robinson's poem in The Shorthorn would be of more detriment to both the readers and The Shorthorn due to poetry, the chosen form, being more susceptible to emotion than facts. Being that the piece deals primarily with race, nationality, and identity, the topic addressed within the poem is already very emotionally charged, meaning another emotionally charged opinion, such as the piece I am reviewing, would likely do little to change any opinions. The publication of this emotionally driven piece would likely simply add to animosity in discussions about race, as those who agree would simply stand by their beliefs in a more…show more content…
When I say this, someone may oppose and bring out the fact that Robinson cited Time Magazine for one of the facts mentioned, but I think any opposer would be hard-pressed to find another instance. It was only cited because Robinson could cite without breaking the flow with the poem, a rare case and an outlier. As a result, the ethical appeal remaining would be a result of Smokey Robinson being black. Unfortunately, while this does bring merit to the idea that the opinions in the piece regarding the label “black” are more credible as they come from the experience of someone black, it is the singular nature of the voice of this opinion that is its fall. Smokey Robinson does not demonstrate that the stance in the poem is that which is held by many or the majority. It's unlikely that readers who agree with Robinson will bring forth the fact that Robinson is black as a way to argue the stance's correctness, and those who disagree will have no trouble finding more than ONE black person who disagrees as well. Due to the lacking of citations of sources for facts as well as demonstration of this being an opinion of more than a single black person, the ethical appeal is very weak and will likely have little effect on audiences of this

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