Group Technology In Cellular Manufacturing

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This project deals with the cellular manufacturing system by using hybrid genetic algorithm. In the manufacturing industry cellular manufacturing plays an important role especially in batch production. Cellular manufacturing is established upon the philosophies of group technology in which part families are identified and similar parts are recognized and group together in order to take benefit of their similar attributes and design as well. The objective of this project is to maximize the grouping efficacy by minimizing intercellular movements by the formation of specialized cells by using genetic algorithm(GA) based approach. The first problem faced in the cellular manufacturing is to identify the part families of similar properties and formation…show more content…
The concept of Group technology (GT) in the industry of manufacturing was first introduced in 1952 by Flanders. A book was published on the scientific principles of group technology (GT) by Mitrofonov in 1959 and in 1960 systematic approach for group technology (GT) was proposed by Burbidge which is known as production flow analysis. There are a lot of methods, models and algorithms are developed for the primary design of cellular manufacturing cells. By continuously increasing in the customer’s demand and competitive global marketplace manufacturing industries are under intense pressure. There has been a challenge for the manufacturing industries to increase the product life-cycle, reduce the lead time, improve its efficiency and productivity and satisfies all other various needs of the customer. Manufacturing systems and industries have the capability to deliver the product on time and fulfill the demands of the customer and increased its productivity. In accumulation, the manufacturing system should be capable of bear sudden changes to adjust or respond quickly to changes in customer needs, product design and demand without major…show more content…
Each part family is produced in a single cell thus, this makes the material flow is shortened and the scheduling task is made much easier. In order to increase the productivity there are many methods and techniques are developed to increase productivity, reduce the cost and satisfy the customer’s demands. In order to solve problems in cellular manufacturing industry there are so many techniques such as search techniques for a solution to these problems of finding an optimal or near-optimal have been considered to both exact and heuristic approaches of solution. A minimal benchmark is used in exact technique on related problems with lower levels of jobs. More efficient and economical technique is search heuristic of getting a practical solution, though it sometimes may or may reach the optimum. The best solutions are those that contain a minimum number of voids (zeros in the diagonal blocks) and a minimum number of exceptions (ones outside of the diagonal

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