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The last five days? By: Aria Baker Day one: Today is the first day of the Olympics, there won't be a lot of events happening, the only events that are occurring today is the young boys ages 12-18. The events are running, wrestling, and boxing. Everyone today will worship Zeus because the Olympics are based around him also the athletes is learning the rules and is taking an oath. Before anyone can participate in the games they have to take an oath and learn the rules. The trainers, competitors, and their fathers gather in the council building, and take that oath. The oath is saying they will obey and won’t break any rules, and the trainers have trained the competitors for ten months. When the athletes are done and have sworn to the oath they all gather around the Altis. Then the athletes make a sacrifices to Zeus, so anything important to the athletes. After everything has been done with taking oaths, and making a sacrifices they can finally relax before the adults start their event. The athletes can spend time with friend, family, and they celebrate. Day two: Today there is going to be three events horse-racing, chariot, and pentathlon which…show more content…
To win you have to get your opponent on their back or shoulder and you have to get three falls so they can win. Now is boxing the toughest competitors well now compete. Everyone watches until one man gives us or if the man knocks out the other opponent. The pankration is now starting while boxing continues. Pankration is a combination of wrestling and boxing they can kick and strike at one another, but there is no biting or gouging with fingers. Now is the last event, the event is hoplitodromos. This is the sprint in full armor, they are wearing greaves, a helmet, and a shield. Everyone cheers as the winner passes the finishing line because it will be another 4 years until they see this race once

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