Camp Green Park Character Analysis

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Stanley Yelnats - Stanley is a kid with a lot of bad luck. He is convicted of a theft he didn't do and sent to the Camp Green Lake detention center. Inactive and usually kind Stanley has a difficult time at the camp but then he becomes physically stronger and more self-confident.He became friend with Zero,another boy at the camp and through this friendship he exterminate his family curse. Zero - Zero is a camper at Camp Green Lake who becomes friends with Stanley. Zero is the best digger and generally thought to be stupid by the counselors and the other boys because he doesn't talk much. In truth, Zero is very smart but he doesn't know how to read. Zero is the great-great-great-grandson of Madame Zeroni, the woman who put a curse on Stanley's…show more content…
He is the one that pushes Stanley to the floor when Stanley forgets to call him by his nickname. Also he has a very bad body odor. Zigzag - Stanley thinks Zigzag is the weirdest kid at Camp Green Lake. He is taller than the other boys and his hairs looks like he's been electrocuted. Also he is very severe and he doesn't even apologize to Stanley after hitting him in the head with a shovel. The Warden - The Warden is the symbol of cruel authority at Camp Green Lake. She rewards only those who do what she wants and uses her power to threaten everyone else. She has hidden cameras that she uses to spy on the boys and nail polish with rattlesnake poisine that she will use to scratch those who disgruntled her. She is making the boys dig holes for dig up Kate Barlow's treasure. Kate Barlow - Kate Barlow was a schoolteacher but then she turned in to a outlaw who robbed Stanley's great- grandfather. She lived on Green Lake one hundred, when there was still water in it. The murder of Sam turns Kate into a violent outlaw. Sam - Sam and Kate were in love one hundred years ago. Sam knew how to make many medecins out of onions and he was strong and smart. He also loved his donkey, Mary Lou. Because he was black and also Sam was black. After he and Kate kiss,Sam killed by the racist people of Green…show more content…
After becoming disappointed because of the woman he thought he loved, Elya travels to America, forgetting a promise that he made to the gypsy, Madame Zeroni. Elya passes down his bad luck to his family. He also passes down the song that Madame Zeroni taught him. Madame Zeroni - Madame Zeroni is the great-great-great-grandmother of Hector Zeroni, Stanley's bestfriend at Camp Green Lake. She gave Stanley's great-great-grandfather a pig but when he broke his promise she put a curse on his family. Stanley Yelnats I - The first Stanley Yelnats is the son of Elya Yelnats.Kate Barlow robbed the first Stanley Yelnats's fortune while he was moving.He survived by climbimg to the top of a thumb shaped mountain which was Sam's old onion field. Mrs. Yelnats - Mrs. Yelnats is Stanley Yelnats' mother. She doesn't believe in curse. Mr. Yelnats - Mr. Yelnats is Stanley's father. He is an inventor and very smart but very unlucky. He wants to find a way to recycle old sneakers but he causes so much bad odor in their apartment. Mistakenly he discovers a cure to foot odor and gain a lot of money to hire a lawyer for his son. Mr. Sir - Mr. Sir is one of the advisors at Camp Green Lake. He is very mean and always eats sunflower

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