Kristian Stanfill's 'Even So Come'

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The German poet Berthold Auerbach wisely proclaimed, “Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” Music influences a person’s worldview. However, some pieces impact positively while others generate negativity. As an example, Kristian Stanfill’s masterpiece “Even So Come,” greatly affects one’s whole attitude by bringing joy to the listener. By reminding the audience of Jesus’ return, it grants hope. The hymn uses repetition to masterfully display the Christian’s eagerness for Jesus to come, which leads him to repentance. “Even So Come” evokes joy and purpose in a Christian’s life. In light of the second coming, the hymn challenges Christians to change their lifestyle. He calls all sinners to repentance by singing, “Call back the sinner; wake up the saint.” Summoning believers to, “Make straight a highway; a path for the Lord.” Living out a righteous life, followers prepare a way for Him to work. In fact, Kristian ambitiously desired to lead the church of Christ to remain ready for His return with the lyrics, “We’ll be a Church ready for you.” This work of art “Even so Come,” a song with many truths, prepares Christians to eagerly live out God’s desire in their own life.…show more content…
In the song, Stanfill repeatedly claims, “Jesus is coming soon,” which fills His people with joy because that day the long they all long for. As a result, the refrain continues, “Like a bride waiting for her groom, we’ll be a Church waiting for you,” which requires the Church to prepare by repenting and sharing the gospel. In addition, the Church out of pure joy should, “Shout of your fame,” because He, “Wake up the saint.” All Christians should remain full of joy while the Church must take the responsibility to wait and prepare for the Lord’s return by sharing the Gospel to the

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