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In the world of sports today, there are many faces for the various sports and in the sport of basketball, there is a one iconic face that sticks to everyone, Kobe Bryant aka The Black Mamba. Recently though, Kobe Bryant has announced his retirement from the National Basketball Association (NBA) through the Players’ Tribune on November 29, 2015 (Bryant, 2015). Although he has announced his retirement due to his aging body, I highly believe his mind does not believe this due to the amount of energy he still tries to exert in a game of basketball which leads to me to diagnosis Mr. Kobe Bryant with Dementia. Not only does the Mamba exert energy that his body cannot take, he still attempts to take fade away jump shots that he is no longer capable…show more content…
At the time he entered the league, Kobe was only 18 years old, right out of high school (National Basketball Association, 2013). Immediately after being drafted, the Bobcats traded Kobe to the Los Angeles Lakers (National Basketball Association, 2013), where he spent his first two years coming off the bench, but little did anyone know that this young sensation would become the future face of the franchise. In those two years, he made great strides and improvements as a player that help lead him to become a starter for the team. In his first two seasons, he came off the bench averaging seven points per game (ppg) in the first season then bumped it to 21ppg in his second season (Basketball Reference, 2015). It dropped in the third season to 15ppg (Basketball Reference, 2015), but he had also been playing with the league’s most dominant center at the time, Shaquille O’Neal. After the third season, Kobe never averaged below 20ppg game (Basketball Reference, 2015) until the 2013-2014 NBA season when he tore his Achilles tendon which sidelined him from the rest of the season (McMenamin, 2013). He only played six games that season (Basketball Reference, 2015). The following season, he suffered another injury when he tore his rotator cuff in his right shoulder (Ward, 2015). He would only play in 35 games that season (Basketball Reference,

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