Egypt Vs Mesopotamia Essay

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In the process of complex civilizations many things play factors of evolvement in it. In Mesopotamia and Egypt, there is one specific detail that they both have in common. Both soon to be built civilizations were formed around major rivers. Mesopotamia formed around the Tigris and the Euphrates and Egypt (Northern Africa) formed around the Nile. In Mesopotamia and Egypt there were a couple of groups of civilians that help make it to what it is today, but the two main ones were definitely the Sumerians for Mesopotamia and the Phoenicians for Egypt. “In Mesopotamian and Egyptian towns an irrigated field produced about twice as much wheat and barley as did a rain-fed field. Indeed, irrigation made it possible for town’s people to accumulate an…show more content…
They domesticated animals, plants, were able to manipulate land and water. But Egypt was actually separated into two different categories of land. There was the “Red land and the Black land”. The Black land was definitely a more priority place to either settle into or even use to your own advantage. The “black land was very fertile lands on the banks of the Nile River,” which was ideal for setting up land for crops. Actually, this was one of the only options that they land for crops. Actually, this was one of the only options that they had, because it was the only land to could be fertilized for agriculture. It had a top layer of “silt” that is deposited every year after the Nile overflows. This is not always a good thing, because if you think about this being the only area around Egypt and the Nile that is fertile, it will be a very populated area for farming; which means that a certain civilization trying to prosper will either grow intently, or grow slowly because of overpopulation. But you might not need to worry about it at times, because when the society was just trying to start, it was ideal. The Red land was an infertile desert land, but Egyptians manipulated using the desert for their own good against other countries to help protect the growing

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