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Love him or hate him, Kobe Bryant has been one of the most impactful athletes of our generation. From the time he entered the league as the first guard to ever be taken out of high school in the 1996 NBA draft, Bryant solidified himself as an outstanding athlete and stout competitor. So, on November 29, 2015, Bryant penned a poignant letter to the fans to announce that he will be retiring from the game that made him a household name. Although, he will be finishing out the 2015-2016 season, talk has begun around the league and throughout the country about his career, current play and legacy. In a scouting report from the year he was drafted, Jason Sean Fuiman stated about Bryant; " Is a true leader who often dominated games with triple teams....Fierce…show more content…
Some touted his leadership skills, others criticized him for being a selfish player. Whatever your opinion, there are some things that can not be disputed. Bryant is a 5x NBA champion, 17x All-Star and holds 2 NBA final MVP's. Bryant has two Olympic Gold Medals and is the Los Angeles Lakers all-time leading scorer, passing the great Jerry West. His clutch skills are indisputable. Bryant stayed healthy for most of his career. On April 12, 2014, Bryant tore his Achilles, it was the beginning of the end for Bryant. One injury after another, a torn Achilles, a tibial plateau fracture, followed by a rotator cuff tear...despite the injuries and father time no longer on his side, he battled back for the 2015-2016 season. There has been plenty of criticism from media about Bryant's performance this year. By all accounts, his play has not been "Black Mamba" like, but the criticism is unjust. Bryant is not the only aging icon that played less than stellar in their final year. He is…show more content…
Michael Jordan? Larry Bird? Brett Favre? Tiger Woods? Every one of these players did not end their career on top. In Ewing's last year with Orlando, he averaged 6 pts per game, 4 rebounds and .5 assists. The same Patrick Ewing that was an 11x All-Star and the NY Knicks all-time leading scorer. Larry Bird's body broke down in his final years, plagued by back problems. Bird, a 3x NBA champion, 2x NBA finals MVP and 12x All-Star, his back problems reared its ugly head in his final year, with a brief flicker of the great player he once was in a 49 pt victory over the Portland Trailblazers. He finished his final season playing in just 45 games. Michael Jordan, the best player to ever play the game tried to make a comeback with the Washington Wizards. He accepted a sixth man role off the bench to save his ailing knee to last throughout the final season. While his last season was chock full of Jordan esque moments, it was a far cry from the elite player everyone is accustomed to. Packers legend, Brett Favre held on for as long as he could, when it was obvious to everyone but him that it was time for him to hang up his helmet. In Favre's last year as a Viking, he was often injured and posted collectively the worst numbers of his over 20-year career. Golf great, Tiger Woods has declined dramatically in the last couple of years, coincidentally not soon after the fallout from the scandal of his infidelity. Once known as the best golfer in the world,

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