How Did Robert Frost Impact Society

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Robert Frost was known for writing numerous great poems in his lifetime. He was a famous american poet that was born in San Francisco, California. He won the Pulitzer Prize in poetry four times and through many of his works he showed realistic New England life in a way that the average person could relate to what his poems were saying. In the beginning years he didn't have too much of an impact in society but by the beginning of WWI he really made a name for himself. Though he was born in California he moved to Massachusetts when both his mother and his father passed and moved in with his grandparents. Massachusetts was where he met his first love and she ended up being his wife. Frost had a specific way of writing which led to his spectacular…show more content…
Frost wasn't a cheerful person, he went through stages of depressions and anxiety throughout his life and never thought that his poetry was ever good enough or worth the time. He had experienced many deaths including those of his father, mother, sister, wife and four of his six children. These all played a part in his melancholy style of his works. His use of the straightforward verse style really shows how those losses impacted his writings. Although he typically wrote in iambic meter he was also able to change the forms of his writing, if he had a conflict with the expression of a specific line. Even though he was willing to change the styles he never was willing to sacrifice the clarity of his work by doing so. He believed in what was called “the sound of sense” which meant that the sound of the poetry was just as important to the overall work as the actual words were. This was evident in both his poems “Mowing” and in “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.” Frosts use of the words he chose created the ability to hear the mood and subject of the piece even as the words outlined the…show more content…
He said that the sound of sense is “the abstract vitality of our speech and the best place to get them are from voices behind the door that cuts off the words.” He wrote in a way that you would read the poem in a particular way. For example if you brought three people in to read one of his poems all three of the people would read his poem the exact same way. This really shows how he could use his works to make the reader interpret it the way he wants them to. He would often invite the readers to come and listen to the tune of his poems. He would say that there was a metric beat and a rhythm beat but tone was the third major part. He didn't think that poetry should be musical but he thought that each poem had its own tune. Frost also liked using couplets or two lines of rhyming verse. He thought that they were a symbol of having two aspects of reality such as good and bad or light and dark. Frost was no stranger to following the rules but he would also break the rules if he felt that it was necessary. He showed his technical ability by doing what was structurally correct but he also took freedom with his own materials when he had a plan for it he went with that

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