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Louis XIV (1638–1715) of France became King following the death of his father Louis the XIII in 1643. He is known for being the longest reigning king in European history. He ruled France for nearly three quarters of a century. He was a significant ruler in European history. The French writer, Voltaire, referred to his period of rein as the “Age of Louis XIV” decades after his death and this period continues to be referred to that by historians today. [446] Prior to his taking of the throne, the monarchy was experiencing massive instability between the royal crown and the nobility class. This was particularly evident following the second Fronde, a rebellion of the nobles. [445] Louis XIV knew he needed to reduce power in the noble class and the princes of the blood so that he could maintain order throughout the kingdom and ensure that the crown controlled all the authority in France.…show more content…
In “The King’s Day Begins”, we explore the daily life at Versailles through the eyes of Saint-Simon (1657-1755). Saint-Simon lived a life in the court as a nobleman and had everyday encounters with the king. Much of what he writes in “Duc de Saint-Simon” vividly describes how King Louis XIV oppressed the nobility class by mocking their authority through a form of competitive humiliation for his personal favor. Rather than having the noble class fight to increase or maintain their power, King Louis XIV moved all of his potential opposition into the court and put them through countless of meaningless activities that would make up the way of life living at the

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