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“Fair son, the first thing I would teach thee is to set thine heart to love God; for unless he loves God none can be saved.” – Louis’ instructions to his son Since Louis was always around anything that was related with God or his religion, being one who is a saint, I’m sure Louis would want his sons to grow up the same way. Louis was an important figure in world history because he was the King of France who reigned from 1226 until his death. He also led the seventh crusade; he was also the first king to become a saint. Louis was also the first ruler of France during the ‘golden century.’ He was also crowned king at the age of 12. King Louis IX was born on April 25, 1214 at Poissy, France. In 1270 he joined another crusade, which landed in…show more content…
So most things he did while being king and if did not go the way he wanted it too he would throw a tantrum He couldn’t do much to get over the fact that sometimes he was stubborn, but he just had to get over it. Louis didn’t have to do much to become ‘famous’ since he was born into royalty and at the time he was born his grandfather Philip II was king, but what did make him more important was that he did go into war with the English. (Seventh crusade) He did have lack of enthusiasm with his barons & noblemen. He was really ill with malaria when on December 1244 he lunched the seventh crusade. He was really eager to free the Holy Land, which had been conquered by the Turks. The issue in Europe was seen by Louis IX as he was taught it was a right time for a crusade, as there was an uprising between the Roman Empire and the papacy. As the kingdom of France was at peace thanks to the Holy Roman Empire, their king also agreed with the crusade. The king’s reputation for impartiality was so great that he was often called upon to cause disputes outside France as he once did in a violent. Louis is significant

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