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Monroe was born in 1926, June 1, in the charity ward at the Los Angeles County Hospital. Her mother’s name is Gladys Baker (nee Monroe), would call her Norma Jeane Mortenson but she would later use the name Baker too. The identity of her father was uncertain. Norma’s mother entered on Norma Jeane's birth certificate that the father was Edward Mortenson, a variation on her ex husband Edward Mortensen's name. She was placed into a foster care at 13 years old. She had a very tough childhood, had little connection with her mother. A few years later when Gladys had saved up enough money to mortgage a small house for them both to live. She also stayed in orphanages as a result of her mother’s health. At 9 she was placed in the Los Angeles Orphans…show more content…
The couple was deeply religious and followed fundamentalists doctrines. When Doughtry returned in 1946, Norma had already been a successful model. She was discovered by a photographer in Burbank California. Norma dreamed of becoming an actress like Jean Harlow and Lana Turner. In 1962 Norma became an actress, model, and singer ( "Marilyn Monroe - Biography - Film Actress, Pin-up ..."). She was a major sex symbol in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Over a little more than a decade Norma attracted audiences through a multitude of comedic and dramatic roles as an actor ("The Official Marilyn Monroe Website."). Norma then changed her name to Marilyn Monroe in preparation for an acting career ( "Marilyn Monroe - Biography - Film Actress, Pin-up ..."). She worked very closely with Lee Strasberg, an acting instructor, at the Actor’s Studio. Lee referred to her as one of the two students out of “hundreds and hundreds” that stood out above the rest. The other student was Marlon Brando. She was serious about her work and delivered believable, flawed characters in Don’t Bother to Knock and Niagara. Audiences loved her light, comedic, approach in How to Marry a Millionaire, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven-Year Itch, and Some Like it Hot. 3In 1962 Monroe bought her first home in Brentwood. She then began decorating it with purchases from a trip to Mexico. She died that same year in her new home on August 5, 1962, under controversial circumstances. She died of a drug overdose. Marilyn Monroe lived a talented life and left a legacy that continues to excite fans over the world ("The Official Marilyn Monroe

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