Sunrise Over Fallujah Book Report

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Sunrise Over Fallujah: Fact or Fiction In Walter Dean Myers’ novel, Sunrise Over Fallujah, The main character is Robin Perry who is nicknamed “Birdy”. Birdy is a fictional character but he is loosely tied to Myers’ own son, Michael. The book occurs in 2003, during the war in Iraq. Myers’ goal was to address the true meaning of war; bringing to light the ‘behind the scenes’ rather than what one might have seen on government-censored television. The novel has an immense underlying truth to it, brought out by the emotions and actions of the fictional characters. Many times Americans take for granted our veterans. The sheer terror of these young men and women is addressed in Sunrise Over Fallujah when Birdy describes the sights and feelings he has as he enters into a warzone for the first time, as well as in letters to home. ‘Me and Jonsey looked over and saw some civilians laying something in a neat line on the ground. “What is it?” Jonesy asked. “Body bags,” Marla said. “Welcome to Iraq.”’ (41) Seeing so many deaths before combat had even commenced, Birdy felt what most people would, fear. In today’s society our veterans do not receive as much credit as they deserve for their courage, sacrifice, and bravery.…show more content…
Our soldiers have strong companionships through their units, but in some cases there is an abundance of compassion and sacrifice shown for civilians as well. In some cases this compassion goes beyond what many people would see as a limitation. “I could see the child. It was the blind boy, his hands up in front of him, pushing against the darkness. Then I saw a figure- it was Jonesey - running toward him.” (270) Through the flying bullets a soldier put his own life on the line for a stranger who had never done anything for him. Yes, this is fictional, but heroes are made every day in such unlikely

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