Argumentative Essay On Electronic Prescriptions

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Prescription medication is one of the most common treatments and powerful used by doctors. For years, were handwritten as a preferred method of communication for the doctors decide on treatment, medicines, pharmacists in the distribution of medicines. On the other hand, it was a valuable instruction about how to use medicines to patients. Besides, it is an important activity in the health care process. National healthcare systems face forces such as demographic changes, followed by increased need for health care services. Here, people tend to use more than one medication that has led to a rise in the number of prescriptions and the diversity in the types of medicines. Therefore, society became dependent on prescription medicines, distribution, management and treatment systems. The process of medication is wrong. Among the different types of errors associated with the medication, prescription errors are the cause of most prevention medication…show more content…
In fact, electronic prescription (prescription e) is a broad term means using computers to enter, modify or review and the generation, transfer recipes medication which is two-way transmission between care and supplier. This type of technology transfer a prescription or prescription relevant information among stakeholders (prescribers, dispensers, pharmacies, health plans and health insurers) either directly or through an intermediary (including e-prescription network) using electronic media. Transfers in to prescribers E qualities of pharmacies, and refills and renewals of pharmacies for prescription benefit providers and agreed information and fill media lalwasvin situation. Therefore, you can use the electronic prescription systems facilitate communication, assist in the selection and provision of medicine through decision support and finally provides strong audit process of medication (Bell DS,

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