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Hunter Randolph Mrs. Cochran Honors English 9 12 November 2015 Davy Crockett: King of The Wild Frontier Davy Crockett is an influential world leader, whose life turns from an infamous regular folk to a war hero and role model. Crockett, also known as ‘King of the Wild Frontier,’ is a congressman, folk legend, and frontiersman. His life begins as a woodsman learning from his father, up to a exceptionally successful politician. For example, he proves his frontiersman by attending hunting trips with his siblings as a youngster. Following this later in Crockett’s life, he quarrels till death serving his country at the Great Battle of the Alamo in Texas against Mexican forces. Others used his life story and turned…show more content…
To begin he was born unto Rebecca and John Crockett, along with the other 8 siblings, on August 17, 1786. At the age of 8, Crockett learns to shoot a gun and begins to attend hunting trips with his dad and other brothers. Once Davy turned 13, his father enrolled him into school, until 4 days after attending he beat up the class bully and ran away into the woods. Learning woodsman skills, he finally returned to home at 16 years old, and ‘’helped work off his father's debt to a man named John Kennedy’’(Biography), in 1799. Seven years later, he married Mary Finley bearing three kids, until Mary died in…show more content…
After not being re elected in 1835, Davy decides to leave for Texas to explore the state on November 1, 1835. The following year, he takes part in the Texas War of Independence. ‘’On February 23, 1836, he arrived in Alamo’’ (Davy), and starts battling the Mexican forces, which not long after are forced to back down. Sadly, while fighting the Mexican Warriors on February 23, 1836, Crockett was killed in battle by his torturers. Consequently after his death, things like songs, plays, and movies were made after him. Also in Lawrenceburg,Tennessee, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, creates the Davy Crockett State Park in 1959 for recognition. Lastly, Crockett, County Tennessee was formed in Western

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