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In life sacrifices and mistakes are what make us stronger and better. Kendrick Lamar American rapper and songwriter struggled throughout his childhood and never gave up on his dreams to become who he is now. The more people struggle the more beautiful the outcome can be. In 2012 Kendrick Lamar released his major label debut, “good kid, M.A.A.D city”. Which tells the story of an inward looking inner-city kid trying to make sense on his own of the turmoil temptations and deprivations surrounding him? (Weiner) The finest rap album of 2012 includes lots of songs which inspire young teens to look forward no matter what and It also expresses Lamar’s childhood struggles. One of the songs is “Backseat Freestyle.” This is being in the mind state of…show more content…
After writing stories as a child he put to music some lyrics about the rough Compton streets he grew upon. His parents had moved to Compton from Chicago to escape the city’s gang culture, although Lamar’s father had been associated with the notorious Gangster Disciples’ gang. As the 1980s heroin and trade and West Coast gang presence increased, Lamar grew up around precarious street activity, but he seemed more influenced than harmed by it. He was a decent student who appreciates writing. First stories and poems, and then lyrics. He adopted the name K-Dot and began performing his lyrics as a rapper. When he was sixteen in 2003 he released a series of increasingly popular mix tapes. (Weiner)This brought him to the attention of hip-hop super producer…show more content…
Throughout his fledgling yet ever-growing career, he has found a path that wanders somewhere between respectful and racy. He has grown and done both commercially and critically. Many artists have tried to walk this line, but few have approached his success. To their credit, many rappers have searched for/ tried to get this blessed ground of artistic amazing abilities with honesty, but few have found it. And if Kendrick Lamar has not found it yet himself, he leads those in the search. Most familiar with his work will note his huge musical wheelhouse and thoughtful approach as both keys to his success as well as the keynote of his appeal. He has been known for his low-key ways: a recent Billboard magazine interview revealed bits of his surprisingly modest lifestyle. Also revealed, though never mysterious, was the depth of his thoughtful nature. His gratitude for spiritual, substantial things instructs his music, as devoted listeners have long known. And Lamar’s social awareness is clearly intelligent, as his fearlessness in attending to the irresistible issues of the times indicates, be the concerns personal or social. This outgoing swiftness is where Lamar shines brightest, as his cherished lyrics draw listeners in

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