Her Kind By Anne Sexton Essay

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Understanding Sexton’s past definitely opens the doorways in truly understanding and admiring her dark, yet intriguing work she has brought into society. Influenced by her therapist, he encouraged her to write about her thoughts during her dark, suicidal, and depressive moments as psychoanalysis therapy. She speaks her mind and gives a powerful sense of creativity through her rebellious works. Sexton’s hardships were followed by the gazing eyes and the brutal judgment of the public. Anne Sexton's poem, "Her Kind", reveals how even though she's misunderstood, she embraces her strange, powerful, yet uncanny abilities through her poems. She switches the typical negative stereotype of an “outcast” woman and turns it into a positive image that society has corrupt. Anne Sexton’s poem reveals her theme: the battle between her speaker and the typical modern women stereotypes society has put upon women.…show more content…
Sexton builds up her first stanza through syntax by starting off the first line with, “I have gone out, a possessed witch, haunting the black air, braver at night;” (Sexton 699). Sexton uses this allusion to state a woman in a rebellious state that does not like conformity and rules. She sets a dark, depressing tone because of her anger toward her label in society. When looked back in the olden days, women who are powerful, strange, and act out of the “normal” limits of our society were called “witches”. For example, have you ever been so distressed that you just wanted to go and get away, almost like a possession to just keep moving. The speaker expresses how this journey is going to be a dark and lonely one. Her separation from society leads her to insanity, and even greater, eventually to death itself. “A woman like that is not a woman, quite. I have been her kind.” (Sexton

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