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Todd Gavin Ms. Wolsiefer 21st Century 22 November 2015 Kelly Slater From Cocoa Beach Florida, the incredibly talented surfer Kelly Slater has come to virtually redefine every aspect of the high performance world sport of surfing. As being a unstoppable competitor in the young sport of surfing he quickly rose to the top above all others. From this point on he would only expand the sport much farther then any of his greatest peers. Just think of the idea of riding in the barrel of one of the thickest waves in the world as just huge slabs of water tower over you. That is just one of the many aspects of high performance surfing that Kelly Slater lives his life upon riding the waves better than anyone's full potential. Kelly Slater is the world's…show more content…
He had begun his winning succession at a very young age with a five world title win streak early on in his career. Slater has come out to win eleven world title; much father that anyone else's winnings. Living the life as a high performance surfer of having eleven world titles has allowed Slater to push forward on to winning fifty four World Championship Tour (WCT) wins, much greater then Tom Currens thirty three WCT wins. From the website of The Encyclopedia of Surfing it states, "At 14, mentored by aerialist pioneer and surfboard manufacturer Matt Kechele, Slater won not only the boys' division of the Eastern Surfing Festival at Florida's Canaveral Pier, but the pro division as well," proving that he was a highly rewarded competitor at such a young…show more content…
Kelly at the age of 42 still consistently shows his expertise in the sport of surfing. As of right now is the World Championship Tour of Surfing (WCT) how is in 9th as being the oldest competitor in the top ten. Knowing for the 2015 WCT season he hasn't competed in all of the competitors is absolutely incredible. For the last 20 years he has had a average score of 15 being so much higher than any other surfer by 4 points and has maintained a rank in the top ten of the WCT for twenty straight years. Many other crazily talented surfers havehad great success in the thirties and forties in the sport of surfing but none of them have had the success of Kelly Slater. On any day, he is still the worlds greatest surfer in the water amongst other surfers. (Michael Roberts 1) Kelly slater just continues to prove time and time again that he is the world's greatest

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