Romeo And Juliet Vs Gnomeo

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Romeo, the most famous character, in one of the most famous plays, by one of the most famous authors of all time, and Gnomeo, a less famous character, in a less famous play, by a less famous producer. What do these two characters have in common? How are they different? Why is the sky blue? The first two questions will be answered in the following work. As for the third, sorry, I’m not a scientist. Romeo, from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is a very emotional character who expresses himself perhaps a bit too well. There are times in the play when Romeo may get carried away and act on his emotions. One example is toward the very beginning of the play when Romeo is sad about Roseline not loving him back even though he loves her. Romeo…show more content…
At this time Romeo even threatens to kill himself on the spot, but is stopped by the Friar. Only after talking to Romeo and explaining to him why his banishment is O.K. and that he has a plan to get him back into Verona is the Friar able to calm Romeo. Even after this, Romeo is still crying and refuses to be comforted. Lastly, when Romeo finds Juliet dead in the Capulet family vault at the end of the play, he is again saddened to the point of self destruction. This time, without the Friar to comfort him Romeo uses a poison to kill himself, further showing the extent of his sadness. Similarly, Gnomeo of Kelly Asbury’s Gnomeo and Juliet is less emotional in most cases but still emotional at times. One example is that Gnomeo still loves Juliet, but is more modest about it and does not jump at every chance he can get a being with her. Gnomeo is much calmer concerning his love for Juliet than Romeo and is slower to act than Romeo. Another example is when Benny has his hat cut off. This is a good example of the similarity between Romeo and Gnomeo in that when Gnomeo’s close friend is injured, Gnomeo is quick to react and immediately goes after Tybalt. In the play, when Mercutio is killed, Romeo quickly reacts…show more content…
There are many examples of this that can be seen throughout the play. Foremost, when Romeo meets Juliet for the first time, he has to sneak into a party that he was not invited to, all while keeping his identity hidden. To most this would seem a very stressful task, but Romeo thinks nothing of it. On top of this, Romeo sneaks into the garden outside Juliet’s room and later actually sneaks into her room. Romeo knows the dangers of this and knows that if he is caught, he will most likely be put to death without question, but still he does not seem to even notice the danger. Not to mention when Romeo attacks Tybalt in the open, with witnesses all around him and friends following him, without ever worrying he might be caught and prosecuted for starting another civil brawl, directly against the prince’s decree. Gnomeo, however, is much more cautious, trying not to draw attention to his actions against the Reds and his love for Juliet. For example, when Gnomeo first meets Juliet it is in secret, not at a busy party, and there is no reason for him not to be in the abandoned garden. Also, when Gnomeo attacks Tybalt, he does so in an alley with nobody else around, whereas Romeo attacks tybalt in the open where there are many witnesses. Lastly, whenever Romeo meets up with Juliet, he does so in a secluded place where there are no other people, rather than sneaking into Juliet’s house and risking being

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