Keeping Close To Home Class And Education Bell Hooks Summary

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In a small town of Kentucky, there was a southern black girl born and raised into a poor working class family. She has never fully experienced the world for herself. She had just been admitted to a prestigious school and is finally about to witness what the world is all about only to find herself contemplating about class differences and how ignorant some people may be. bell hooks is notable for her stories and numerous works consisting of her knowledge and wisdom regarding: gender, race, and class. She has strong beliefs in these sensitive topics and understands them because of her past experiences. In her story, “Keeping Close to Home: Class and Education”, she is a reliable author because she uses strong opinions aided with emotions and content. Despite bell hooks unintentional use of detailed descriptions throughout her story, hooks establishes credibility due to the fact that her story comprises of personal experience, background, and…show more content…
For instance, she described/describes herself as the southern black girl from a working-class family who had never touched a city bus, stepped on an escalator, or traveled by plane. This allows the reader to relate to Hook's hardships and makes her credible for her point of view when she begins to describe her experiences in her new environment. She also includes the fact that she's been paying $100 dollars a month for a room off-campus and explains that it was more than half of what her parents paid for rent. This shows that her background lets the readers understand what it's like to be in her position as well as her parents. This is important because background facilitates readers to be aware of the influences and motives to why she wrote this story. If she did not include her background no one would know a bit about the author or at least have an understanding of what she is trying to

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