Does Raskolnikov Justify His Punishment

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As Part I of the novel was dedicated to the crime part of the novel, Rasklonikov’s punishment becomes quickly evident in Part II as he begins to suffer emotionally from his crime. Through all of Part I, Raskolnikov many reasons to justify his act for killing Ayona. I didn’t think he would feel as guilt as he clearly tries to hide he is in Part II. Furthermore, Raskolnikov’s mental state slowly but steadily deteriorates throughout Part II. He would spend days in and out of consciousness, which surely raises some suspicion to his involvement in the murder. For example, when Raskolnikov passes out at the police station when overhearing a discussion of the murder, it shows how his mind is struggling to fight with his own self-conflict of confessing or of remaining a free man.…show more content…
He feels even more alienated from society, which is the true cause of his deteriorating mental state and punishment. He has a difficult time dealing with his guilt on the surface, therefore by burying the stolen goods, is his attempt to suppress his feeling of guilt. It surprised me that he almost threw the purse away without even looking inside to see what he had just committed murder for. This surprised me because one of the reasons that justified his murder was to take the old woman’s money because she was undeserving. Therefore, I believe weren’t as justified as he once thought, especially after killing her innocent sister by mere coincidence of her coming home early. He seems to struggle with coming to terms with the fact that he irrationally committed a crime with few to no reasoning behind

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