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Trial by jury is a trial type which aims to resolve cases fairly and in a civil manner. The process involves a jury, a group usually around twelve people in size, who listen to the case then deliberate in order to reach a verdict of guilty to certain or all charges, or not guilty. The intent of this process is to allow an individual to be judged by fellow citizens, otherwise known as peers. This process was introduced in order to prevent those in power from making the sole decision in a case. While there are good intentions, in today’s society, trial by jury is becoming gradually less impactful. There is an ever-growing negative stigma around jury duty, which causes people to want to exempt themselves. Juries are not actually necessary to make…show more content…
When someone is summoned for jury duty, they must make their own travel arrangements, housekeeping and care-giver arrangements and sometimes their own accommodations and work arrangements. Immediately, people may be turned off by the idea of jury duty as there is a large amount of planning needed in order to attend a case that could potentially last weeks. The counter-argument in response to the juror having to overcome these obstacles is the idea that jury duty is the citizen’s civil duty and responsibility; it is in their best interest to oblige and attend duty as it is important to their country. Civil duty is not an adequate persuasion as in March 2012, half of the six hundred jurors summoned in Toronto failed to show up. This skipping problem is not only founded in Toronto. In Quebec, 42% of people summoned for jury duty in 2010 asked to be exempted. With such negative jury duty results, one can begin to question how important jury duty is for individuals, and whether or not citizens feel that it is worth their time. Clearly potential jurors do not wish to sit in a jury based on their behaviors, and the concept of “civil duty” is not as important as their lives in

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