Jurassic World Conflict

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Jurassic World is the fourth movie made in the Jurassic Park series. These movies have all been science fiction movies and are very well known for how well the dinosaurs are. There have been such good rating on this movie. This movie shows all kinds of different conflicts, character vs. character, nature vs. character, nature vs. nature, it’s crazy how well they show all of them. Also the how the characters grow to be a better people. They also show the different effects the move the plot, music, and the special effects, make the movie more alive, more real life. There were all kinds of different conflict. There was character vs. character one was the sister verses the kids aunt, Claire vs. Owen with their past, Zach verses Gray I think was the biggest one. When Gray realized his parents may have been having a divorce he started crying and was very upset, while on the other had Zach was putting up the tough act and didn’t do anything about his brother crying except tease him. Once the Indominus Rex attacked the brothers, Zach’s first priority was to protect his brother, and that’s what he did. He put his brother first and didn’t think twice about it, he then protected his brother and encouraged him that everything was going to be okay. Another huge conflict in the story was the nature vs. nature, was…show more content…
It seems like all the characters changed their attitudes toward everything. Claire was very proud and only thought about her job in the beginning, then when the Indominus Rex, was out, Claire flipped out and went through so much to get to her nephews. She even asked Owen for help, and she didn’t like Owen, but he helped a lot. Claire in the end cared for what is right, with her nephews, and Owen. Zach also changed his attitude from being very reserved and stubborn. He didn’t really cared if the family fell apart but in the end, the Indominus Rex helped him realize that his family is the only thing that he needs in this

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