Native American Creation Stories Summary

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The Native American Creation Stories are an entertaining piece of early American literature because they are a whimsical account of how Native Americans believed they came into existence. When documenting the creation of the world in which you live, you are in a sense, informing people of “who they are by telling them where they came from”. (Stories 21) The authors who published these versions of the stories, for the most part, were educated Christians who interpreted the stories that had been passed down orally for generations. For those reasons, The Creation Stories mimic Christian Bible stories and teach many of the same basic moral values. In The Iroquois Creation Story, there is an upper world where humans live and a lower world where monsters live in darkness and water. There is a woman pregnant with twins, who conceived asexually, called Sky Woman, who lives in the upper world, where humans live. She becomes weary and rests on a mattress. The mattress sinks down into the lower world where she is caught by a turtle. He holds her away from the…show more content…
Exodus 20:14 - Thou shalt not commit adultery. (Exodus) In the Navajo Creation Story, adultery was punished by forcing the people to leave each World where the sin took place. The Din’e believed in good and evil and in equality, as proven when the men wanted their wives back after being apart for four years. Generations and generations of Native Americans passed before any of their Creation Stories were written on paper and published. That is years and years of Christian beliefs being taught to them. Who knows how much embellishment or changes were made to these stories to add a more Christian twist? No one will ever know. The fact remains that these stories are very imaginative and whimsical and conveys a moral message to the readers. Any story that teaches or inspires a person to do good things in their life, is worth

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