Julius Nyerere: The Failure Of A Democratic Government

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Julius Nyerere states,”However nearly its requirements of money and men may be met, no government today finds it easy to fulfill all its responsibilities to the people” (171). Nyerere acknowledges the changing governments, and how they are cracking under the pressure their people are putting on them (171). A democratic government will not fail because of unequal distribution of wealth, but it will fail because of over-governing: a democratic government is most successful when it only maintains law, order, and security. Nyerere tries to explain the important role a democratic government would play in stabilizing Tanganyika’s newly acquired freedom: “True freedom must be freedom not only from bondage, from discrimination, and from indignity,…show more content…
While social darwinism generated a negative connotation after World War II, it still holds truth to the importance of being self sufficient. Democratic governments have spent time and resources trying to maintain an equal distribution of wealth. It is not logical to waste time on the weaker of a society. As Nyerere points out, “usually the irresponsible individuals I have mentioned have neither sincerity, conviction, nor any policy at all save that of self-aggrandizement.” (173). So why should the government put so much money into programs like welfare if the individuals receiving money for their unemployment have no plans to try to find a job and change their current state of income? The money spent on these useless programs will be the cause of a governmental breakdown not the unequal distribution of…show more content…
When America went into the Great Depression, Former President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, began government-run programs known as the New Deal, in an effort to improve the economy. While Roosevelt's programs helped the economy get out of a depression, they also paved the way for American citizens to become reliant on the government instead of relying on themselves. When Lao-Tzo wrote, Thoughts from the Tao-te Ching, he knew back in 479 B.C.E. that “The more subsidies you have, the less self-reliant people will be,” and that a successful government is a limited government

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