Personal Narrative: God Has Chosen Me By Bernadette Farrell

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For the first fifteen years of my life, I grew up listening to the melodies that filled St. Agnes Catholic Church. I remember one song that always caught my attention, God has Chosen Me. The lyrics are so pretty and easy for young children to understand. This song brings back all the memories I have from St. Agnes, and it never fails to get stuck in my head after I hear it. When I joined the Valle Catholic High School choir, God has Chosen Me was played and I instantly knew that I would love choir. Being in this choir I have heard many more new songs that I love, but I have always found myself coming back to God had Chosen Me to be my favorite. God has Chosen Me was written by Bernadette Farrell. Bernadette Farrell is known throughout the…show more content…
When she was a music advisor for the Westminster Diocese, she was responsible for music and liturgy. She currently works as a community organist for London Citizens. She wanted to work shoulder to shoulder with those struggling for adequate housing, living wage, proper community policing, access to quality health services, and more. God has Chosen Me is a song about why God chose you. It gives you reasons and enlightenment about God and the paths you are going down. The hymn contains a great message to anyone who is feeling worthless. The church tells us time and time again that every person is special to God. He has given us special talents and a mission that could be completed by a particular person. “God has chosen me to bring good news to the poor” is a prime example of the mission that God gives each person. Despite being given the same mission, we are all called to complete it in a special way. The refrain “ And to tell the world that God's kingdom is near, to remove oppression and breakdown fear, yes, God's time is near, God's time is near, God's time is near, God's time is near.” Tells us we will never know when God’s next coming is but be ready and help

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