Julia's Short Story: Riverdale High School

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It was a cold night in January when Julia Haven came down with a cold. It is usual for people to get sick during the cold months, but not for Julia. She tried her best to stay healthy all the time, as she did not want to miss her chance of getting the perfect attendance award. It just so happens that her school is on winter break at the moment, so she lucked out. But even her mother was surprised by her sudden sickliness. “Can I get you anything sweetheart?” Julia’s mother asks. “A cup of tea would be nice, if you don’t mind. “ Julia comments, snuggling into her blanket more. Her mother comes in with a glass of warm tea, and another pillow. Julia gently takes the tea and pillow from her mother. Setting the tea cup on the coffee table, and the pillow behind her back, “Thank you mom.” Julia smiles to her mom as she leaves the living room. Julia checks her grades from her phone. She knows that she is on winter break, but she checks her grades so constantly it has become a daily habit. Julia sighs,…show more content…
Some people flenched at the awful sound, others were faced towards where the sound came from. “Fellow students of Riverdale High School.” Ruby speaks into a microphone, smirking as she finds Julia in the crowd. “Many people have been accepted into the University of Tennessee, but it seems like even are little valedictorian can’t even get in.” She said in a whiny tone. Everyone started to laugh at her comment. Tears started to fill Julia’s eyes. She forced herself through the crowds, as she sees the principal moving Ruby off of the stage. “There are no announcements today. Go back to your classes. And for the people who helped Miss Sanchez make this mess, will pick up every last piece of paper in this gymnasium.” Mr. Franklin stated firmly, giving Ruby a trash can. “Julia. Julia!” Grayson yells after me. “What?” Julia turns quickly to Grayson. “Come here.” Grayson engulfs her into a tight

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