Co-Occurring Conditions

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Ch11: Of all the co-occurring disorders that occur with substance abuse and addiction which one do you feel is the most challenging from a treatment perspective and why? Co-occurring conditions that are mutually a psychological analysis as well as substance addiction diagnosis (Fields, 2013). An individual with a co-occurring conditions will suffer from psychological signs and substance addiction. The text book talk about the affecting conditions along with the substance addiction, behavior conditions, and the substance addiction (Fields, 2013). The affecting conditions coexist through moods. Conditions such as hopelessness, abnormal hopelessness, organic hopelessness, bipolar condition, and cyclothymic conditions coexist in the affective…show more content…
For example a hallucinogen, such as marijuana it interferes with exactly how the brain sees the human kind (Drug Free World, 2015). By means of an uncontrolled disrespect in place of their wellbeing, this result of the THC will be able to initiate critical impairment to a person with antisocial personality disorder. Marijuana may be able to bring about mental problems, by way of not as good as recollections and mental capacity (Drug Free World, 2015). These mixtures of antisocial personality disorder and drugs, be able to advance the influence a person’s character and state of…show more content…
By dealing with just one of the conditions will just have an end result in a setback. Interaction amongst the psychologist and case therapist it remains relevant to an effective management. Added backing starting with family and contacts are of assistance to the person that has the co-occurring condition (Fields, 2013). Even if numerous procedures within the therapies of in cooperation of the conditions may possibly be imperious, it remains in the unsurpassed importance of the person in the direction of deal with their schedule appropriately. This will make certain that the person is getting the careful and backing that they could do with in a suitable manner furthermore decreases tension. Ch12: Of all the relapse and treatment models discussed in the text which one do you believe provides the most accurate explanation and benefits to the client and

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