Case Study: How Did Microsoft Azure Provide Solution To Essar.

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Case Study on : Essar – the Multinational conglomerate improves service offerings with cloud power Submitted by : Harshita Gulati Roll No: N021 Division E Q. Why did Essar felt the need to choose a cloud computing platform? What were the challenges faced? Essar group is a multinational cooperation in the sectors of steel, energy power, and communications, shipping ports and logistics as well as construction. Essar wanted to offer its customers web-based applications with high performance, scalability and low infrastructure and management costs. To compete in the market, Essar realized that it is necessary to use the latest technology in an efficient way to enhance the customer satisfaction. So, in order to increase the appeal…show more content…
Q. How did Microsoft Azure provide solution to Essar ? Microsoft Azure is a cloud service platform that is hosted in Microsoft data centers. It provides the developer storage to host, scale and manage web applications on the Internet. Microsoft Azure provided a service-oriented architecture to Essar, where the entire maintenance was done by Microsoft itself. It partnered with Mindtree to provide a broad range of IT services. Applications like HSECAR , AVID, Saksham and Visitor Management system and Gate Pass System were migrated to the Microsoft Azure platform. Microsoft Azure provided on-demand computing and storage capacity to these applications. The subscription cost model of Microsoft Azure was very low as compared to the cost of on-premise deployment. So it helped Essar in cutting down its cost. With implementation of Microsoft Azure, Essar had to no longer spend money and time on hardware and software as well as infrastructure management. As a result they could focus more on building core competencies and improving the overall experience of the applications. Q. What were the cloud adoption initiatives taken by

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