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Science is a very methodical and slow subject and nothing like it is displayed in movies and novel. In today's culture scientist are usually just brainy, antisocial, and crazy people. In today's movies they find a cure for the unimaginably harsh disease in mere hours just because the main hero demands it, or they pull out a crazy unprecedented gun or gadget just so the hero can look cool while on the mission saving the world. These are all just fantasies about science, and this is made possible by the current advancement of science and its future speculation. Any sort of media or entertainment from any time period reflects on the setting of that era. A perfect example of this is Dracula by Bram Stoker. In the 1897 novel Dracula by Bram Stoker,…show more content…
Seward and herself, demonstrates that Stoker recognizes the public's understanding of the proper techniques of doing science. Mina Harker meticulously keeps track of all the evidence related to the Count, and she and Jonathan chronologically organize everything so that the whole group can be on the same page (Stoker 266). This was her version of keeping a lab notebook. The etiquette for any science experiment is to keep record of technique, data, and thoughts that the experimenter might come across, so that they may pass on their learning on to other people to use and learn from (Philip). Mina Harker's notes were used by other to aid them fill in the blanks related to the Count (Stoker 280). The novel could easily situate Van Helsing as the supreme commander, and know-it-all, who barks commands at his companion, in their mission to defeat the Count but instead, Stoker chose to show them as equal companion that learn from each other experiences. By choosing the latter option, and by using Mina to methodically keep track of all the incidents related to the Count, Stoker acknowledges that this scientific method is the best option to tell the story for current time period and for upcoming

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