Brad Blanton's Honestly: Tell The Truth

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When is lying okay? Never, always, or sometimes? Lying is never ok, even if it goes to bigger situations, the truth will get you somewhere good. It will have consequences at times but I believe that something better will come along or you'll learn something from it if you don't lie. Some people think it's okay to sometimes lie but Brad Blanton states that it is never okay to lie. If you lie ‘’that makes you smaller than a small thing.’’ Lying can sometimes fail on you, so it's better to tell the truth so you won't risk it and well because it's not good to lie. It's never okay because if you hold something in you are locked in the jail of your own mind. For example, your friend likes an outfit and she wants to wear it but you don't like it. You have to be speak the truth because if you don't you're not going to be comfortable and probably something's going to happen to her, they might laugh at her. In article 3,“ Honestly: Tell The Truth,” by Barbara Ballinger in paragraph 5 Brad Blanton states,” Have the courage to to be honest and have a relationship with others based on reality.” You have to always speak the truth no matter what, even if you're trying not to hurt somebody's feelings.It's better if you tell them then they find out by someone else. You might lose that friend because they feel lied to. Some people…show more content…
Campaign: Lies, Lies, Lies, St. Augustine disagrees that lying is never okay. He believes that sometimes it's okay to lie. He states,’’ The french resistance during World War ii could have not operated without deception.’’What he's trying to say that if they didn't lie they wouldn't of won. But if they wouldn't if lied they would of won in an honest way and without stressing. How i said, one lie leads to another. They maybe would of lost but if you tell the truth they would've probably gotten something better. We think lying is okay because we're so used to it. Overall, we lose something because of the consequences of

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