Summary: Criminal Justice Internship

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While studying Law & Society and Criminal Justice and at both John Jay College Of Criminal Justice, respectively, I have develope an interest in legal services. Based on my previous attained experience working in conjunction with the New York Court system, during my internship with the Legal Aid Society, has promoted me to pursue your ROR INTERVIEWER position posted on NYC Criminal Justice Agency website. Based on my passion working on the behalf of low-income families, work ethic, analytical skill, and fluency in Spanish language, I offer you both the attitude and skills that will suit ROR Interviewer position. Throughout my academic juncture, I have thoroughly relished and thrive in my Legal Writing, Law, and English courses. These classes have provided me with an apprehension of the criminal justice system and legal procedures, such as writing legal correspondence, definition of civil and criminal terminology, furthering me an even greater interest in legal services. The quantitative focus of my Law and Society major requires acute attention to detail and has sharpened my analytical skills. I am confident that my educationa…show more content…
As a Legal Intern, I played a role in retrieving vital important documents necessary to perfect appeals on DLRAcases for the past year. These leadership roles have allowed me to interact with a diverse group of people as well collaborated with legal assistance lawyers and paralegals to secure the best outcome to the Legal Aid Society detained and non-detained clients. In addition, I have held increasingly responsible positions at City University of New York over the past two years, requiring me to learn a new job each year. This environment of adapting to change, while continually taking on new responsibilities, is one in which I

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