Internal Conflict In Lord Of The Flies

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Being stranded on an island can be quite a challenge. This is, clearly, something that a person would not want to have to experience in life. However, this is exactly what happened to a group of boys in the book Lord of the Flies when their plane crashes onto an island during a time of war. Two of those boys, Jack and Ralph, had very different views about behavior while on the island. This caused a major conflict in addition to the conflict of how to get off of the island. When the boys were stranded on the island, everyone changed. This change, to the boys, was not necessarily a good change. Some of the boys did not make if off the island at the end because they died a tragic death, being killed by their peers. Therefore, in Lord of the Flies written by William Golding, by looking at the relationship among the boys one can interpret the internal struggle between right and wrong; this is important because as…show more content…
One way he tried to do this was by becoming a leader and only letting the boys speak on the island if they were holding a large conch shell. This, however, did not work so well because everyone wanted to speak their own opinion without having to wait their turn. Also, like previously noted, Ralph and Jack split up into two separate groups. Ralph’s group included himself, Piggy, Simon, and a lot of the little boys on the island that were referred to as littluns. Ralph’s main concern was getting off the island. He believed one of the best ways to do that was to make a fire so people passing by could see the fire and rescue them. In the end, this is how they actually got freed from the island. Once rescued by the naval officer, the officer apologized for interrupting the boys’ “games.” This caused Ralph to break into uncontrollable tears at the thought of both escaping death and being rescued. Clearly, Ralph had a very different view than Jack while on the
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