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Dumplin' by Julie Murphy is a very refreshing take on being fat and in love. The main character, Willowdean Dickson (self proclaimed 'Fat Girl'), works at a local fast-food restaurant named Harpy's. Her life was normal, if you ignore the offensive things people mutter about her weight. Then, she met Bo. Seggel says that 'Author Julie Murphy draws a clear distinction between Will’s confidence, which is largely unshakeable—truly, she’s awesome—and her fears about getting closer to hot boyfriend Bo'. (Seggel) I love Dumplin', even though I haven't exactly finished the entire story yet. It has many interesting side characters and plenty of diversity when it comes to body types as well as a setting that can work with almost any imagination, The side characters are one of the more interesting parts of the story. There is Willowdean's best friend, Ellen. Unlike Will, Ellen has a 'perfect girl' style going on that really contrasts with how Will often describes herself. She likes to view Ellen as perfect, being 'tall, blond, and with this impossible goofy yet sexy paradox going on that only seems to exist in romantic comedies.' (Murphy, page 2). Willow's mother, a former beauty…show more content…
While it isn't described lavishly, detailing every rock in the road, it gives enough for the reader to try to insert themselves into most of the situations. For example, in chapter 9, Will follows Bo to the edge of town, to a burnt down elementary school that 'has since been condemned.' (Murphy, page 54) Overall, we are told that the area is singed and that it is dark because the only streetlight on the entire lot is far outside of their vicinity. However, I believe that it gives the reader a good chance to use their imagination. Perhaps they could insert their old elementary school with their imagination and try to imagine how it would look or even smell in the old, dirty parking

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