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Yesterday as I drove back from work I was listening to my local radio station. I came across the number one hit right now, “Hotline Bling”. After listening to the lyrics for a while, I was shocked to how the singer shames women by the way they act and dress calling them different sorts of names. As a feminist, I totally disagree with the meaning and message he is trying to portray, in my opinion everyone should be aware that what we are listening to is not correct since we are just continuing to shame women. I believe that it is my duty to inform the public about the meaning of the music they are listening to. Therefore, for todays blog I will be analyzing my opinion towards the lyrics of this song. The phrase that stood out the most at first…show more content…
Starting with the word “Got” he used this word to establish that her getting a reputation is…show more content…
I strongly believe that this phrase is shaming the woman due to him referring and making her reputation seem like something dishonorable to have. Drake demonstrates through these lyrics how individuals always look at the negative aspects of an individual to build on their reputation. Furthermore, the next phrase stating, “Started wearing less and goin’ out more” conveys a much deeper meaning than the one stated. This phrase reveals Drakes viewpoint and demonstrates to others how he believes that the only reason this young lady goes out is for the way she dresses and not her personality or way of being. His mindset is influenced by society, due to how society believes that an honorable woman stays at home. Beginning with the word “Started”, the singer used this word to demonstrate how from the moment she started wearing less clothing she started to go out more, emphasizing his belief of how before she started to act like this she wouldn't go out due to her being pure and not impure. The singer is indeed slut shaming the woman by using this word since he is emphasizing how before she wouldn't go out due to her class and modesty but now she started to wear less clothing and is

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