Joan Of Arc Hardship

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“Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.” ― C.S. Lewis The quote above does not even begin to explain the extraordinary person that Joan of Arc was. Joan of Arc was very unique and mystery woman that did not let anything stop her from her purpose. Some believed that Joan of Arc was superiority in all the general virtues, in addition admired and wished to borrow virtues from her. However, what they did not know is that Joan of Arc actually borrows the virtue from them. The primary virtue that Joan of Arc practiced her entire life was obedience to the Will of God even when it was difficult, or, furthermore, led to her death. She endured throughout all her trials and tribulations and was faithful to the voices…show more content…
For a simple woman who proved more expert in war than a captain did. An ignorant peasant girl who behaved as if she knew more than doctors who held the key of knowledge; a young girl under twenty who stated that she trust more in her vision than in the light of expert knowledge, and the light of the church, who were soon to take on themselves the power of deposing a pope. (Pernoud). Similar, my hardship help push me to my true calling and personal destiny that was placed on my life by God. Joan of Arc and myself both ordinary people however are destiny is extraordinary; Joan to defend a nation from its enemies, mine to listen and protect individual in the eyes of…show more content…
We all go through trials and tribulation but how we make it through these trials and tribulations define us as being strong, courage, brave. For example, Joan of Arc was “captured and taken prisoner by ancient enemies and opponents the English; and whereas they set up a case against her by the agency of certain persons nominated and appointed by them; and committed such wrongs and abuses that as a result of this case and of the great hatred … they iniquitously cruelly, and in defiance of all justice put her to death.” (Pernoud). Some may assume that she never had a chance to overcome her trials and tribulations, however, I would disagree with them because at no time was she not brave, strong and courage; she never allow her enemies to defeat her mentally and spiritually. No matter what they did to Joan from sexual and physically assaulting, her in the prison she never detoured from her original purpose and remain obedience to the Word of God. Joan of Arc is a great example to show that no matter what you go through as long as you stay faith and obedience to the Word of God, your trials and tribulations will never defeat you; yet your suffering shall be your testimony. All those who false accused Joan of Arc, God’s hand had fallen upon them and they died shamefully. The more they tried to condemn her; as a

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