Jitterbug Diner Case Study

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History of the Jitterbug Diner The Jitterbug Diner opened their doors to public on August 1st 2015; this was the product of little planning as the idea for Jitterbug was conceived only months prior at the beginning of June 2015. Even with a lack of planning and research owner Doug Ashby & Kim Oulette are no strangers to the service industry, Doug owned and operated a very successful restaurant in Mexico for a number of years and knew exactly what his direction would be with his Kelowna diner. In their short two months of being open to public Jitterbug had a rough start to say the least; they immediately realized they had serious power issues that are still currently being worked out with the property owner. They encountered sporadic power…show more content…
He needs someone he can trust to run the front and back of house so him and Kim can focus on other aspects of the business; currently they are spread too thin across the business. His goal is to find someone he can trust to cook so Kim can get out of the kitchen and manage the front of house duties. Their biggest strengths are the quality and price of the food they serve, Doug says customers are always surprised when the food gets to their table from the quantity and quality that is presented and just as surprised when the bill gets there and they can feed their family for $40-$50. PEST Analysis & Future of the Business Politically Jitterbug has been affected negatively from very high operation costs put in place by the city of Kelowna. He feels their fees and charges are unreasonable for a small business, regulatory factors have also hurt their bottom line. He specifically mentioned their patio was much more expensive than expected due to fees for the application and more fees once the application was

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