Jers And Maiz's Comparison: A Narrative Fiction

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A blade whirled with hammering force through the flesh of the diseased beast. As the lofty sword plunged through the body tissue, it met little resistance until the bone. The force of the edge crushed the bone into a hundred pieces at the breaking point. Blood splattered in V formation outward from the impact. The fluid traveled four feet outward and misted the beasts to the left and right of the hulking warrior. Each of these three creatures mirrored each other mostly in shape and color. Their original form seemed wolf-like, but the fur glowed a soft green. Long tails flowed, and terrifying claws tipped their paws. Though similar, one could tell them apart by their wounds. Most would identify sewn up cuts from a distance, but upon closer…show more content…
“Because it’s what we all want, Jers.” The two continued on their now dual patrol. Jers and Maiz’s walk seemed casual, yet their visages didn’t mask their vigilance. Quietly, they continued to scan the land around them. Farmlands filled the landscape with sorghum to the left and right. They stepped on the decently worn, grass-less path that ran north-northwest to south-southeast. Following the path north would reveal the main road into Llaste City. Jers and Maiz headed south. This direction led to the attacks that were increasing in occasions and size simultaneously. The creatures, called resos led attacks within their skill set, but the two warriors knew someone else planned this calculated war. They ambled a few feet to the right of the path quietly before they came upon a farmhouse filled with resos. The house held sturdy, but showed signs of old age. It included one front door and two windows covered by wooden shutters on either side. A shutter on the right appeared slightly ajar and they moved stealthily to peer into the main room. Through the hole Maiz and Jers could see the horror as resos ate two helpless farmers. Both lay dead, but their killers remained to

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