Jennifer Aniston's Death Research Paper

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It has been said that the actress, producer and director - Courteney Cox blames Jennifer Aniston for ending her engagement to the Northern Irish songwriter and musician - Johnny McDaid. Where everything supposedly started in August after Jennifer Aniston (American actress and producer) married the actor and director - Justin Theroux. A source stated that Courteney Cox, who portrayed Gale Weathers in the horror series Scream, places some of the blame on Jennifer Aniston for her split from Johnny McDaid, "Courteney and Johnny's relationship started its death spiral right after Jennifer Aniston's wedding in August." Apparently, as stated in a report, Jennifer Aniston wanted Courteney Cox to "pressure" the songwriter and musician to marry her as well. But Johnny McDaid was upset that Jennifer was interfering. McDaid allegedly got tired of his fiancee's close friend (Aniston) coming between them.…show more content…
However, some media outlets have contradicted the issue, stating that it's completely untrue that Courteney Cox blames Justin Theroux's wife for her break-up with the recording artist from Derry. The reputable source also said that Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston are closer now than ever. The engagement being off between Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid doesn't change the fact that they're still on friendly terms. Reportedly, the main reason for Courteney and Johnny breaking up had to do with the couple's living arrangements. As Johnny McDaid wanted to move to the United Kingdom, while Courteney Cox wanted to stay in L.A. A media outlet even reported that Johnny McDaid has already packed up his stuff and moved to the United Kingdom - but Johnny and Cox are still talking to each other and even sending each other text

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