What Is Dexter Unethical

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As a society, we are taught that if someone commits a crime, the law will take the steps to see the criminal is punished for the crime they committed. But what if the law fails, then what are we as a society to do. The TV series, Dexter, explores that what if by showing us a serial killer, a man named Dexter Morgan. Dexter works as a blood spatter expert for the Florida Police, he has a wife and son, a good relationship with his foster sister, and as a hobby, tracks and kill murderers. Dexter had a traumatic childhood and came to live with a foster family and was eventually adopted by them. His foster father Harry taught Dexter how to kill without being caught, and taught him rules for killing. Harry told him that killing must serve a purpose…show more content…
According to Nichols writing, a social representation documentary “gives a tangible representation to aspects of the world we already inhibit and share” (1). The running theme of the show, Dexter, is Dexter having an ongoing battle between him and his "Dark Passenger." Dexter, doing what is morally right, and attempting to fight the urge of murder; that massive urge is taken over by his "Dark Passenger," by doing what is ethically right, by killing the criminal, that has seem to have "gotten away with murder." Socially, nothing justifies murder. However, the whole story behind Dexter’s behavior seems to hold a realistic truth and somehow naturally leads him towards this form of catharsis. He, as well as the viewer, seems to be pleased with the idea of killing bad people because they deserved it, because they’ve managed to escape the judicial system. However, because this is how Dexter deals with his compulsions, the viewer is able to rationally agree with what Dexter is doing, thus making murder justifiable, when it is done with a…show more content…
Joanna is a European author that holds an MA in Media and Performance Studies from Utrecht University, who is also the author of The Dark Defender: Dexter and Making Heroes out of Serial Killers. In season 5 of Dexter, 5 men tortured, raped, and murdered innocent women for over 10 years without being caught by the police. When Lumen, one of the victims that managed to escape, has a run in with Dexter, he offers his protection. Not only does he open his home to Lumen, he tracks down every single man that were involved in the gruesome deaths of these women, and kills them. The police were never able to charge these men with anything, due to lack of proof. Without Dexter doing what is ethically right, those men would still be out there; who knows how long they would’ve continued, it could have taken years before police could come up with enough evidence to convict. Dexter did what the police couldn’t do, protecting the innocent; thus making murder justifiable, when it is done with a

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