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Jean Toomer the American Jean Toomer was one of the most inspirational men in the 1900’s, he was an author and a man who thought about the future he kept dreaming not letting anyone bring him down. Jean Toomer is important to us even today because of the way he thought, and some of the books he wrote like Cane, and Balo. Jean Toomer was a very inspirational writer in his time, and his books not only talked to blacks during the Harlem Renaissance like most authors but also to the whites. Toomer was born on December 26th, 1894 in Washington D.C. to an old georgian farmer Nathan Toomer and Nina Pinchback, a governor's daughter. Together they lived happily until one day the father got up and left, leaving Toomer and his mother alone. Nina went to her father, Pickney Pinchback, who was the first african american governor in the state of louisiana during the reconstruction. Nina asked if they could come stay with them for awhile, the father said yes but he had one condition. The condition was that as long as Jean lived under their roof that he would have to change his name to Eugene Pinchback because he hated Toomers…show more content…
Jean accepted and moved to Sparta, Georgia and became the principal of a all black school. In 1923, Jean published his book Cane which had a big effect on blacks at that time and became one of the most read books during the Harlem Renaissance. In 1924 Jean spent the summer in Gurdjieff Institution in Fontainebleau, France where he became a disciple and in the year of 1925 and 1926, he led Gurdjieff groups around Harlem and Chicago. In 1931, Jean married Margery Latimer who died the next year giving birth to their daughter, Margery who Jean nicknamed Argie. In 1934 Jean remarried to a lady named Marjorie Content, whom he lived the rest of his life with in Pennsylvania and he became a quaker. On March 30, 1967, Jean Toomer died in Doylestown, Pennsylvania due to unknown

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