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This present study covers a very limited area and is only concerned with the request strategies employed by Iranian children in a working or unemployed mother's family with one or more children. Thus, the result will only be generalized on this particular issue without taking into account other probable factors such as gender, power and imposition. 2. LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter comprises of the related literature which supports the study. They are necessary to suggest hypotheses. Theories and the consequences of other researches are needed in order to achieve the validity of this research. The related literature encompasses pragmatics, speech acts, politeness theory, and Ervin-Tripp’s model of directives (1976), Blum-KULKA, House Also…show more content…
It considers the social rules that influence our determination and the meaning of speech acts and the intention of the speaker and it covers information about the speakers’ social status, cultural features such as politeness and formality along with both explicit and implicit linguistic features. Pragmatics deals with semantics, stylistics, sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistics and discourse analysis. The main agenda of pragmatics is the relation between sentence and context which studies the use of language in communication. The main focus of pragmatics is when we speak in a certain context simultaneously we act in a certain way. (Van Dijk 1977). Pragmatics is the investigation of the relations of signs to interpreter (Levinson, 1983:1). According to Yule (1996:3) there are four areas related to…show more content…
It means that speech act is the consequence of what is said within performance. It is the process, people observe through their speech. To express themselves, people do not only produce utterances consisting grammatical structures but also perform actions through their utterances. Thus, actions which are performed through utterances are generally called speech acts. According to Austin (1962: 22), in producing a sentence, one is doing and saying at the same time. The notion of speech act is fairly well understood in Searle, Kiefer, and Bierwisch (1980: vii) by stating that theory of speech act starts the assumption that the minimal unit human communication is the performance of certain kinds of act, such as making statement, asking question, giving order, describing, explaining, apologizing, thanking, congratulating,

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