Margaret Bonds In Green's Black Female Composers

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The plot takes place in the 19th century. The main character in this story, Dinah, is a young lady who detests the conventional role of women in the society. Her father, Mr. Al, is a jazz musician and an excellent composer. Being the only child, Dinah is the joy of her father and she someday hopes to be a composer just like her father. She is denied any training in music because as a woman, her place was in the home and not on a stage, singing. However, she abandons her daily chores to practice music whenever alone in the house. Like the Margaret Bonds in Green’s Black Female Composers: The Genesis, she gradually builds her skills in music and starts composing songs. However, Dinah’s father, Mr. Al, sees his daughter’s burgeoning musical skills, but disregards her effort and growing talent as mere childish play. In the 19th century, women were deemed to…show more content…
Al’s album receives much more acclaim than her father’s jazz compositions. Seeing that her composed is widely accepted, she rekindles her old love for music and once again, begins composing. She realizes that her husband, unlike her father, supports her love for music. With her husband’s support, she composes even better songs, and tells her husband to sell some of her composed tunes to his rich friends who had music careers. Her husband, however, would not let her begin a music career as he feared that it might take her away from her responsibilities as his wife. Dinah’s husband reconciles her with her father who reveals to Dr. Harland that the song bringing him much fame, was written by his daughter. Dr. Harland being his sponsor, suggests that Dinah should write songs for her father to sing but refuses to sponsor Dinah as a singer. Her father disagrees with the suggestion; however, Dinah is satisfied with it because all she wants to do is compose music that will be appreciated. Dinah realizes that her marriage to Dr. Harland’s son has brought her joy, and helped her fulfill her

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