How Did Latin Music Influence 20th Century American Music

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1). Latin Music has a major influence in the 20th century of the US. Latin music has become more influenced to create new styles of music in many different genres. For instance, some styles of music that include Latin music in it are Latin Jazz, pop, rock, and reggae. 2). “Machito and his Afro – Cubans” made a significance in the world of music around us. Machito inspired lots of people that Cuban Jazz music would one day be popular around the world. Although, Machito was insulated by many people who thought that Cuban Jazz wasn’t great, it soon became known to the world and a lot of people couldn’t believe what is now known as Cuban Jazz played everywhere. 3). Dizzy Gillespie incorporated Latin Music into his music to create a new style of Latin Jazz. Dizzy thought that the rhythm of Jazz was boring so he incorporated Latin Jazz by getting a Congo player named Chano Poza who made the new sound of Latin Jazz more entertaining. Chano was asked to join the band and create newer and catchy sound of Jazz into his music that made it more creative. 4).…show more content…
The Palladium was once a dance studio that was home to the mamba. It had varieties of dances from all over the world that many people had not seen before. It brought together a wide array of cultures of different races and backgrounds. It was for those who had a passion for dance. 5). Television and films increased the majority of exposures in the US about Latin music. It allowed Latin music to be shared around the world to people who don’t know the real meaning and talent of Latin music. It inspired new and more people to love and be

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