American Dream: Constant Change In The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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American Dream: Constant Change From the first day most people are born, the drive to succeed and make a name for oneself develops. Whether it is becoming famous, finding happiness, or filling one’s pockets, improvement is the goal. This concept is known as the American Dream. The American Dream is aspired by many, varies for everyone, and changes as one matures. From the book, The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby started off as a poor boy pursuing wealth. As he aged, the hunt for money became less significant, and true love became his primary objective. Nick, started off as an average working man, but then he desired to experience the wealthy life. He soon realized the wealthy life was not all he fathomed it would be. From Gatsby’s early…show more content…
Nick is portrayed to be brought up with stereotypical values, hard work, perseverance, and honesty. One could infer that Nick’s first American Dream was to become a writer, but after World War I, Nick was interested in the life outside of his monotony upbringing. He then moved east, to West Egg, where he then developed his new American Dream: to basically become the cookie cutter of an ideal man. “I was rather literary in college- one year I wrote series of very solemn and obvious editorials for the “Yale News”- and now I was going to become the limited of all specialists, the “well-rounded” man” (Fitzgerald 9). Nick’s new occupation involved selling bonds; a far stretch from a literary writer. With the lifestyle of Nick’s new American Dream, he encountered many new opportunities; many involving indulging in drunken nights and lasting secrets. Nick’s American Dream was short lived in the East. After witnessing the unraveling of Gatsby’s dream, Nick grasps that the fast life of revelry on the East Coast is merely just a show for the vastness that the valley of ashes represents. After living and experiencing the fast life, he returns to Minnesota in quest of a still life disciplined by conventional

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