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In todays society it can be hard to be decisive or to feel like you have any form of control. For this reason that I would like one of the greatest teachers as well as one of the oldest beings in the unknown universe, Master Yoda. Master Yoda is not only a great Jedi Master but he has is also a famous and acomplished teacher of some of the most famous heros in history. He also has around 900 years of real life experience to offer. As we can see we Master Yoda not only has knowledge but also a considerable amount of wisdom and experience that will captivate the audience. Of course there are sevral things to take in to consideration before choosing my candidate such as the question of what life experiences has he had? Or what this person would talk about? And finally what I hopethe school would learn from Master Yoda. The first question that must be tackled when…show more content…
I think one very intresting thing he could talk about pertains to the force and how resisting the negative side of the force can benifit you in your everyday life but also help prevent you from going down a path of evil. On a similar topic I think Master Yoda would have a very intresting viewpoint when it comes to cults and organized religion. I also believe that Master Yoda would share some of his many war stories that he has acumilated during his long life. Also if he is not oposed to the idea of shareing some of his unknown past such as his child hood or other secretes that hw might be open to shareing. Ibelieve that he could also talk a little bit about death and his experience with it, considering he is a ghost. I would also be very intrested to hear about the many Jedi before him and what he knows about the Sith order and its history. I would love to see Master Yoda come to our school and talk about topic such as these in order to educate some of the students, which brings me to my final question of what i hope the students would learn from

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