Jainism And Sikhism Similarities

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One main difference between Jainism and Sikhism is Jains are strictly vegetarians while as Sikhs are generally not but can be if they choose to be. Jainism have a series of founding figures, the tirthankaras while Sikhism have the Gurus starting with Guru Nanak. Jainism have monks and nuns and Sikhism has Gurus (when capital it refers to the 10 Gurus) and gurus (when lower case it means a spiritual teacher and reveler of the truth). The Sikhs have the sacred text called Adi Granth. Jains believe in not causing harm to anything (non-violence, ahisma) so the Jain monks wear the muhpatti to prevent unnecessary harm to airborne insects. Sikhs believe in not cutting their hair to symbolize that one should not interfere with natural, God-given form.

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