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The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it The current world faces a plethora of problems. Environmental problems are at its peak. Consequently, if this situation continues, the world might soon become uninhabitable. Every day, our planet Earth is continuously degrading in its condition. Man’s greediness has made Mother Earth suffer. Most of the environmental problems, if not all, are caused by humans. So, it is our duty to undo the destruction caused to Mother Earth. In today’s world, pollution has become exorbitant. In a similar fashion, global warming has become one of the biggest problems faced by us today. Their threatening effects are increasing day-by-day and pose a great danger to our planet. Another…show more content…
It is just a small fraction of the whole waste that is already littered, we think. But we need to realize that those little drops make an ocean. When we come to know that industrial wastes are being dumped into the river, we immediately think that “someone else” should keep those things under check, because we are busy with our lives. But we never assume that “someone else” could be us. The problems faced by our planet are so diverse that it is impossible for a small subset of the population to find solutions and to implement them. We must be able to comprehend that the process of making progress in saving the world from various environmental issues requires a collective effort and it is not just the work of some organization dedicated to “save the world”. The little things that we do, whether it is good or bad for the environment are significant and not negligible. Repairing that leaky tap in your house really does make a big difference over a period of time. Walking to the shop next street instead of riding in your car in fact does make an impact. Instead of looking up to someone to revolutionize the world’s environmental conditions, it is now time for us to start doing these ourselves. Blaming and expecting others to make a difference will never work

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